Project Esther

JOFA's APP FOR Megillat Esther

You can use the app to practice reading Megillat Esther. You can also use it to follow along during Purim on your smart phone or tablet.

The app also includes instructions on how to organize a megillah reading, information for the reader, and a halakhic discussion of the sources for women’s reading of the Megillah.

Esther Verses Out Loud

In addition to the four verses traditionally read aloud during the megillah reading, some groups are beginning to recite four additional verses that pertain to Esther. Bring this practice to your community with JOFA's new source sheets created by Rabbi Steven Exler.

For more about this practice, read Audrey Axelrod Trachtman's blog post titled "A New Purim Hero?" and Talia Weisberg's blog post titled "Challenge: Give Voice to Esther."

ONLINE DIRECTORY of Megillah Readings

Looking for a megillah reading where Orthodox women are leyning? Check out our online directory of synagogues, women’s tefillah groups, partnership minyanim, and other groups where women can read megillah for Purim 2015. 

Below are some photos from a selection of the readings.  For more photos, visit our Facebook page.

Naaleh Melbourne

Silver Spring, MD

If you belong to a partnership minyan, join our Google Group for Partnership Minyanim.

Halakhic Perspective

Below is a selection of halakhic articles about women reading, writing, and hearing megillah. You can find more Purim-related readings in our Online Library.

Women and the Reading of the Megillah by Rabbi Avi Weiss, 1998 
Women and Writing the Megillah by Ross Singer, 2004 
Communications: Women's Aliyyot in Contemporary Synagogues by Dr. Debby Koren, 2007 (only available to Tradition subscribers and RCA members) 
Women and Megillah Reading by Rabbi Yehuda Henkin, 1999 
Women's Megilla Readings by Rabbi Aryeh Frimer, 2003 
Women and the Reading of the Megillah by Rabbi Alfred S. Cohen, 1995

Purim Blog

The JOFA blog has featured many entries about Purim. If you didn't get a chance to read them then, follow the links below to get all caught up on The Torch

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Challenge: Give Voice to Esther by Talia Weisberg
The Unexpected Gems I Found in Megillat Estherby Miriam Lorie

If you'd like to write for The Torch, submit your blog post to [email protected].

Shema Bekolah

Did you miss 5773's Shema Bekolah featuring Maharat Ruth Balinksy Friedman? Click here to read her Dvar Torah, Kiyemu veKibelu: Creating a Jewish Identity in a Post-Divine World.