My Daughter

Sun, 01/27/2013 - 12:00am -- JOFA

By Helyn Steppa

List Poem

My daughter has a heart of glass and someone’s bound to break it

My daughter knows her worth so she knows when someone takes it

My daughter has a toy chest filled with dreams and manifestos

My daughter dances on thick carpets to music no one hears

My daughter snubs the shackles of society, of hate

My daughter’s ocean eyes are filled with pirate ships and cannons

My daughter is too full of interesting ideas to keep her room clean

My daughter knows the body is not an apology or curse, but a vessel of the soul

My daughter knows her Miriams, Devorahs, and her Esthers  

My daughter climbs the corporate ladder and feels no wall of glass

My daughter is a fourth wave feminist and knows her herstory

My daughter is not dirty, wrong or asking for it, you see:

My daughter does not apologize for being herself

And she will not make you a sandwich

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