Michal Bar-Asher Siegal

Michal Bar-Asher SiegalRegion: New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts
Honorarium: Lecture $300 - $500, Shabbat $1000 - $1800

Michal Bar-Asher Siegal received a BA and an MA from the Talmud department at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She is currently a PhD student at Yale University in the Judaic Studies program, and a visiting lecturer in the department of Religion at Smith College. She has taught at Ma'ayan in Boston, and is currently teaching at the Me'ah program at Hebrew College. She and her husband Elitzur are the halachic advisors of the Tehilla Minyan at Cambridge MA and are the founders of the Urim Minyan at Yale.


  • Halakhic Minyanim (Partnership Minyanim): Halakhic basis and consequences on Orthodox communities through case study
  • Midrashei Halakha: Introduction and text study of topics treated in legal Midrashim, and the Aggada in early tannaitic material
  • Relationship between Early Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism as preserved in texts from the first centuries

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