Leebie Mallin

Leebie MallinRegion: New York
Honorarium: $300 for lecture, $1000 for Shabbat

Leebie Mallin holds Masters degrees in Jewish history from Yeshiva University and in political science from Columbia.  She is a graduate of the Drisha Institute's Scholars' Circle, where she studied advanced Talmud and Jewish Law. She has extensive experience in Jewish education and service to the Jewish community.  She currently teaches Judaic Studies classes for the 92nd Street Y and UJA-Federation of New York.  She worked for a number of years for Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life in Staten Island and Westchester.


  • The Laws of Mechitza
  • Genesis – The Dysfunctional Family (Cain and Abel: The First Murder; Noah and his Sons; Lot and his daughters; Sarah and Hagar; Isaac and Ishmael: Brotherly Love?; Jacob and Esau: Fighting to be the First Born; Rachel and Leah; Deena’s honor; Judah and Tamar; Joseph and His Brothers: Favoritism Gone Awry)
  • The Book of Judges- Chaos in Israel (The Sacrificial Daughter; The Chopped Up Concubine; Deborah: The First Woman Rabbi?; Yael: Woman Warrior; Samson and Delilah)
  • Women in the Bible (Rebecca: The Trickster Matriarch; Vashti: The Other Woman of Megillat Esther; Miriam:  The Female Moses?; Deborah: The First Woman Rabbi?; The Daughters of Zelophehad:Rabbinic reflections on assertive women; Ruth:  The First Convert?)
  • "She spat in his face, yet he did not shame her": The limits of Honor thy Father and Mother

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