Leah Shakdiel

Leah ShakdielRegion: Israel
Honorarium: not listed

Leah Shakdiel holds a BA from Bar Ilan University in English and French Literature. She is socially and politically active on behalf of peace, empowering the disadvantaged, civil and human rights, and feminism. In 1988 she became Israel's first female member of a local Religious Council, following a successful struggle that ended with a landmark Supreme Court decision. As a School for Educational Leadership Fellow, she developed a model for feminist pedagogy for Israel. She currently teaches in Be'er, a Torah study program for young religious women, and at Sapir College.

Personal Statement:
Leah Shakdiel will be in New York City and available for speaking engagements in June 2007.


  • Social Justice Issues (including peace) in Judaism and the State of Israel
  • Jewish Feminism
  • Feminism in the State of Israel

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