Dr. Elana Maryles Sztokman

Elana Maryles SztokmanRegion: Israel
Honorarium: $250

Dr. Elana Maryles Sztokman is a writer, educator, researcher and activist with a broad range of Jewish educational and communal experience from around the world. One of the founders of Mavoi Satum, a leading organization advocating for agunot in Israel, Elana has taught about gender, education and Jewish life at The Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies, Bar-Ilan University, the Efrata Religious Teacher Training College for Women, The Florence Melton Adult Mini-School in Melbourne, Australia, Young Judea, and more. She served as Education Director of JNF Australia, and has worked on a wide array of educational projects for institutions including Beth Hatefutsoth, the Museum of the Jewish People, the Jewish Museum of Australia, the National Council of Jewish Women, Kolech, JOFA, and the Lookstein Center. She speaks and writes extensively, and her essays have appeared in Lilith, The Jerusalem Report, The Australian Jewish News, The Jerusalem Post, The JOFA Journal, and more. Her current research interest is Orthodox masculinity, and she recently completed a major research project exploring the gender identities of Orthodox men. She blogs at www.forseriousjewishwomen.com and at www.kolech.org.il, "Jewish Women's Voice."


  • Orthodox men and masculinity -- The "Be an Orthodox Man" Box
  • Gender and Jewish adolescence. What are the specific challenges to being an adolescent religious girl? What messages do religious girls encounter at home, in school, with teachers and rabbis? How can we be doing this better?
  • Politics, power, and gender
  • Pre-marital education in the religious community: What does the Orthodox community consider pre-marriage education; what are the messages women and men -- receive before marriage; what is the archetypal orthodox relationship; are there ways we can be doing this better?
  • Gender and education -- with a special focus on religious education. This topic includes issues of gender messages in schools, gender and curricula, single-sex versus coed education, power and hierarchy in schools, body issues, girls in the sciences and in sports, analysis of the most recent research in gender issues and the brain, and issues of gender and cultural differences.
  • Women and Jewish communal leadership: What are the specific challenges women face in Jewish communal work and advancements; what are the professional cultures in the Jewish community and how do they affect women; what is the relationship between gender and leadership in the Jewish community at large.
  • Body issues and Jewish women

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