How to Use the App

JOFA's Megillat Esther App offers two different screens for each chapter of Megillat Esther.  When you select the chapter you wish to hear, the text will appear with vowels and trop symbols.  To see the text without trop and vowels (as it would appear in the scroll), click on the "Tikkun On" button at the bottom of the screen. To go back to the original view, click "Tikkun Off" in the same location.

Please note that the line breaks do not match those in a standard Megillat Esther scroll because they change to fit your screen.

To listen to the cantillation, click on the word where you would like to begin.  The app will then play through the end of that chapter.  To stop, click pause on the bottom of the screen.  

The blessings and trop (cantillation) modules work exactly the same way.