JOFA brings together and expands the Orthodox feminist community through our conferencesCampus Fellowship ProgramKallah Teachers Workshop, and special events

JOFA conferences explore vitally important halakhic and social issues through the exchange of ideas and resources. All conferences are open to both men and women. The events bring together like-minded members of the Jewish community who work together to advance the role of women in Orthodoxy.   

JOFA's Campus Fellowship Program gives young Orthodox women across North America the opportunity to become leaders in their campus communities. The Fellows work together with JOFA to plan and execute relevant and exciting programming for their campuses. Each year, JOFA Fellows forms a supportive network, empowering themselves to effect change in their campus communities and beyond. Learn more about JOFA's Campus Fellowship Program.

JOFA's Kallah Teacher Workshop, in conjunction with Yeshivat Maharat and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School, runs a 4-day intensive workshop for kallah teachers, unique in its emphasis on a broad range of halakhic positions and open and frank discussions about sex.  Learn more about the Kallah Teachers Workshop and see a list ofkallah teachers who have completed the program.

Project Esther empowers Orthodox women seeking out ritual inclusion by providing all of the tools, information, guidance, and support that they need to successfully build megillah reading communities. Project Esther provides a basket of services and support for women who want to learn how to read megillah as well as women who are organizers and communal leaders taking initiatives to create meaningful collective experiences. Project Esther is also building a network of support for the organizers, the women who are dedicating their energies to creating megillah reading groups that promote women’s public reading.

In 2011, JOFA held a celebration to honor Blu Greenberg, Carol Kaufman Newman, and Zelda R. Stern, three of our founders and visionaries. We spent a wonderful evening celebrating fourteen years of advocacy, education, and progress in the Orthodox community with over four hundred friends attending.  Learn more about the celebration, view a tribute video to the honorees, and read their words about JOFA.

Join us and be a part of the JOFA community! Find out how you can get involved or contact us at [email protected].