JOFA Campus Fellowship


JOFA Fellows 2013-14The JOFA Campus Fellowship gives undergraduate Orthodox women the opportunity to take on a leadership role within the Orthodox community on their campus. JOFA Fellows receive leadership training, mentoring, stipend, as well as a programming budget. The Fellows work together with JOFA to plan and execute relevant and exciting programming for their campuses. The cohort of JOFA Fellows forms a supportive network, empowering them to affect change in their campus communities and beyond.Through this program we hope to develop the next generation of Orthodox feminist leaders. Fellows are selected in the spring.

Brandeis ProgramJOFA Fellows have served the following campuses: Barnard College, Brandeis University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NYU, Northwestern University, Penn, Stern College for Women, University of Maryland-College Park, Washington University in St. Louis and Yale University.

We are excited to welcome our 2013-2014 JOFA Campus Fellows:

Ari Cohen, New York University
Elana Feldman, Cornell University
Shoshana Halpern, Stern College for Women
Ruthie Portes, Johns Hopkins University
Elena Potek, University of Michigan
Tehila Wenger, Princeton University
Kailey Zitaner, University of Pennsylvania
Melissa Leigh, University of Manchester



I have thought about how being a JOFA campus fellow might fit into the rest of my life, and I have started hatching a plan to be very involved in the Modern Orthodox feminist movement in my adult life.
–Donna Iken, Fellow at Washington University in St. Louis

The JOFA Campus Fellowship gave me an outlet to take on a leadership role in the liberal Orthodox community. I will draw on the things I learned from the fellowship in the rest of my life.JOFA Campus Fellows
--Rachel Schwartz, Fellow at Northwestern

At JOFA, I found myself surrounded by strong women dedicated to challenging the status quo in our community. I think my programs at NYU raised the level of awareness of women's roles in religious communities on campus in a real and meaningful way. My commitment to religious feminism has only gotten stronger through my involvement with JOFA.
–Sara Fredman, Fellow at NYU

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