Campus Leaders Shabbaton


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On Shabbat Parashat Beshalach, January 30-February 1, 2015, 37 college students from 17 campuses joined JOFA at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale for a Shabbaton.

The Shabbaton was geared towards college students who are passionate about advocating for Orthodox Feminism on campus. This event was open to women and men who are undergraduate students and was a great opportunity for Orthodox feminists from different campuses to come together, meet each other, network, learn more about JOFA and Orthodox feminism, and discuss ways to create change on their campuses. All students who attended the JOFA shabbaton will be eligible to apply for micro-grants to support programming on their campuses for the Spring Semester of 2015. 

Students joined us from the following campuses: Barnard College, Brandeis University, Columbia University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, McGill University, MIT, Northwestern University, NYU, Princeton University, Sheirut Leumi in Israel, Stern College, Stony Brook University, Temple University, University of Bristol (UK), University of Pennsylvania, and Yeshiva University.

In the News:

Miriam Pearl Klahr, shabbaton participant from Stern reflects on the Shabbaton in the YU Observer.

Rebecca Filer, shabbaton participant from the UK reflects on the Shabbaton in the British Jewish Chronicle.

Lily Chapnik, shabbaton participant from McGill reviewed the Shabbaton on JOFA's blog. She writes, 
"For myself and the other participants, the weekend posed an invaluable opportunity to meet, and engage meaningfully with, others who are passionate about Orthodox Feminism. In our home communities, we may not be understood and heard, but at the JOFA shabbaton we were given a chance to not only speak about the issues in a supportive environment, but to also brainstorm solutions to these issues in formal and informal settings."


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Schedule at a Glance:
Friday, January 30, 2015

2:00 pm    Registration at HIR, go to hosts

4:52 pm    Candle lighting

6:15 pm    Communal Dinner with HIR Community

7:30 pm    Advocating for Change, and Lessons Learned for Navigating 21st Century Communal Politics, panel featuring JOFA leaders and leaders from the Riverdale community. Speakers: Blu Greenberg, Dr. Sharon Weiss-Greenberg, and Dan Perla, moderated by Anat Barber

9 pm         Oneg for Shabbaton Participants 
                Sicha: Navigating Community Politics on Campus

Saturday, January 31, 2015
8:30 am        Shacharit and Musaf at HIR
                  Traditional Shacharit and Women's Tefillah options are both available

12:00 pm      Shul Kiddush

12:30 pm      Text Study: Partnership Minyanim and Halakha, with Bat Sheva Marcus and Elliot Schwartz

1:15 pm        Lunch

2:30 pm        Women's Leadership and Yeshivat Maharat, with Yeshivat Maharat students Bracha Jaffe, Anat Sharbat, and Melissa Scholten-Gutierrez

3:55 pm        Engaging Men in Feminism, facilitated by Rav Steven Exler

5:55 pm        Shabbat ends

8:00 pm        Pizza at HIR

8:30 pm        What is your vision of Orthodox feminism on campus, and how do you bring it to fruition?

Sunday, February 1, 2015
8:30 am     Shacharit at HIR

9:30          Breakfast

10:00 am    Orthodox Feminist Hasbara

11:00 am    Open Space Discussion

12:30 pm   Good Bye!