Halakhic Prenuptial Agreements: Agunah Prevention

ChuppahA well-written and properly executed halakhic prenuptial agreement is a possible means to ensuring fair and lawful proceedings in the event of a divorce. While a prenuptial agreement can do nothing for current agunot, it can prevent other women from becoming agunot in the future.  JOFA works closely with rabbis and organizations in promoting the use of prenuptial agreements. 

Please ensure that both parties review the agreement prior to signing, and in some states the agreement should also be reviewed by a lawyer. It's best not to wait until the wedding day to review the documents.  

JOFA strongly recommends that all couples sign a halakhic prenuptial agreement prior to their weddings. 

Below are links to Israeli, American and Canadian prenuptial agreements:

The American Prenup:
The Beth Din of America Binding Arbitration Agreement
NOTE: JOFA does not recommend using the optional boxes for financial or custody matters on this form.

The Israeli Prenup:
The Agreement for Mutual Respect
The agreement is translated into Hebrew, English, French, Russian, and Spanish

The Canadian Prenup:
Halachic Prenup For Canada

The United Kingdon Prenup:
The Agreement for Mutual Respect - a Pre Nup that has proven to be effective in Israel has been adapted for the UK about 10 years ago in accordance with British law by Rachel Levmore and Daniel Clarke:
"The Prenuptial Agreement of Mutual Respect, Get and English Law", Jewish Law (Dec. 2008).
Dr. Rachel Levmore
Rabbinical Court Advocate
Agunah and Get-Refusal Prevention Project
Int'l Young Israel Movement in Israel

Click here to read "I am My Beloved's and My Beloved is Mine: On marriage, love and pre-nuptial agreements in Jewish law" A joint project of Kolech Religious Women's Forum and JOFA.

Click here for sources exploring the history and role of pre-nuptial agreements in preventing agunot.