JOFA - [email protected] Agunah Summit

The agunah represents not only the suffering of individual Jewish wives but also the presence of injustice in our midst. Despite significant advances in communal awareness, agunah aid, and prenuptial agreements, the problem of chained wives continues to exist and can threaten every Jewish marriage in Israel and countless others across the globe.


Systemic solutions exist within Jewish law that can resolve current agunah cases and prevent future ones. These solutions, and their use, testify to the self-correcting mechanisms of our great halakhic tradition.


On June 24, JOFA, together with the NYU Tikvah Center for Law & Jewish Civilization, convened a summit of rabbinic, academic, and community leaders from across the Jewish world to consider the legitimate use and broader application of halakhic solutions to the problem. 



Select video segments
1. Opening remarks 
2. Discussion of halakhic solutions
3.  Keynote address: Dershowitz and beinisch
4. The Role of the rabbi
5. Lessons from the front; closing remarks




Conference Schedule


Opening Remarks

Honorable Tzipi Livni
Minister of Justice, Israel


Keynote Address

Justice Dorit Beinisch
Professor Alan Dershowitz


Call to Action

Professor Joseph Weiler
Professor Ruth-Halperin-Kaddari


The Role of the Rabbi

Rabbi Marc Angel
Rabbi David Bass
Rabbi Aryeh Klapper
Rabbi Ronen Neuwirth
Moderator: Rabbi Adam Mintz


Agunah Solutions:
Halakhic Background

Professor Gerald Blidstein


Lessons From the Front

Ms. Rivka Haut
Ms. Robyn Shames
Rabbi Jeremy Stern
Ms. Susan Weiss
Moderator: Ms. Judy Heicklen


Discussion of Halakhic Solutions

Rabbi David Bigman
Dr. Rachel Levmore
Professor Berachyahu Lifshitz
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
Moderator: Professor Moshe Halbertal



Ms. Blu Greenberg
Professor Moshe Halbertal 


Registration required for attendance. For more information, please contact summit coordinator Rabbi Joshua Frankel.